Thursday, June 24, 2004

the hypocritical oath

After I got signout on all my patients last night and checked in to make sure that they were all relatively stable, I offered to make a Wendy's run for the on-call team. I wanted me some Frostee goodness, and I thought it uncouth to just run out and not ask anyone else if they wanted anything as well. Once the idea was planted, everyone fell into the spirit of Wendy's quite readily, and I had quite a long laundry list of food to order as I ran across the street from the hospital to get us all some grub.

The second I walked into the establishment, I realized how I must have looked. Here I was, a doctor from the hospital, in scrubs and a long white coat, with a nametag that read PEDIATRICS for chrissake, going to Wendy's and ordering 5 Bacon Junior Cheeseburgers, 7 orders of fries, 3 Frostees, etcetera. I felt very conspicious and hypocritical. And after all those talks I give to my clinic patients about eating right and cutting down on fast food. The workers at the counter loaded all of the assembled orders into a giant shopping bag and I staggered out of the Wendy's, bow-legged under the weight of all those saturated fats.

Do as I say, kids, don't do as I do.

Currently watching: "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Larry David normalizes my neuroses.

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