Monday, September 08, 2003

we love my cousin's boyfriend!

Sometimes I love having people visit from out of town, because it makes us go out and do things like regular people. I know, we should be going out anyway, we young fun childless marrieds in the city. But we don't, because we're medical residents, and the old "work is tiring" is a perfect and inarguable excuse. Also, we're lame.

My cousin and her boyfriend are visiting from Down South (I know, I can't believe that I have a cousin from the South either--five Southern cousins total, actually) and we met up with them after dinner for dessert and coffee. Apparently, they've been dating for quite a while, but I didn't even know he existed until fairly recently. I don't know why it was all under wraps, maybe out of fear for Chinese grand-maternal disapproval over interracial coupling. But I guess ever since Joe and I got married (he is Caucasoid as the driven snow), its been open season for all my cousins to own up to interracial relationships that they'd been having all along. Glad we could break the ice there, guys.

Anyway, Joe and I love my cousin's boyfriend. I mean, we love my cousin too, but we knew her already. Pfft. Old news. But this boyfriend, he is truly awesome. Not only that, but he's cute and funny and smart. We love him! We want to hang out with him every day! We want them to get married so that he can be in our family! Not to be like those creepy married people that want everyone else to get married too, know.

We had a good time. We should go out after work more. Fun is not just for the weekends.

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