Monday, September 15, 2003

week 4

I still can't stop thinking about the movie we saw yesterday. I think I may be becoming a little bit obsessed with it. We even went out for sushi tonight because that whole atmosphere of Japan was still on our minds.

This week is the beginning of the end. Meaning, in a less cryptic way, the last week of our one month stint at [upstate New York community hospital]. And thank god for that. Not that I didn't learn anything from the time I spent there--there are a lot of procedures to be done in a place where you have to draw all your own bloods and start all your own IVs. But there's also the feeling that the more time I spend there, the stupider I'm becoming. Things that I have learned at [upstate New York community hospital]:

* These people are obsessed with Lyme Disease. A kid comes in with appendicitis, they want Lyme titers. What's with that?

* These people love ceftriaxone. Everyone walking in the door gets ceftriaxone. Because, you know, they could have meningitis. It's possible.

* It doesn't really matter what tests or studies you order--in the end, the attendings do whatever the fuck they want anyway.

I'm not really bitter or anything, because, you know, we had some good times, good stories and all that. It's just all been a little silly. And it's not exactly the kind of medicine I want to practice. Call my nuts, but I kinda like medicine supported by research and evidence and all that wacky voodoo.