Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Isn't it funny how you can totally tell when I'm on a ward month at work (I mean, besides the fact that I told you outright), because I totally don't update at all for four weeks straight?

So now I'm on Adolescent Medicine for a month. This is generally a pretty laid back month, seeing teens at clinic, giving out condoms and birth control pills like they're going out of style, doing way more pelvic exams per day than I'll probably ever be doing again. However, I am on sick call this entire month, meaning I'll have to cover the work schedule of any other resident who, for one reason or another (illness, death in the family, little Timmy falls down a well) can't come to work. I already sent out an e-mail telling everyone to practice good handwashing techniques and to eat healthy. The idea of getting called in to cover someone's Cardiology night call, with all these sick little post- heart transplant patients doesn't fill me with joy. Stay well, people!

I'm hiding out in the computer labs now until noon conference. A pack of med students standing right next to me were stressing each other out about their first anatomy exam. "I definitely failed the written portion," one girl whined. "At least six or seven people a year fail [the basic science block]" a sage second year medical student piped in, all blase with her whole YEAR of extra experience. This sent another little shock wave of hair-pulling through the crowd. Lord, first year medical students. They all look so young, like they're in college or something. (And actually, they were, just a few months ago.) Thank god for the swift (in retrospect) completion of years 1 and 2 of medical school. Such academic self-obsessing as though your very life is hanging in the balance I just can't even handle being around anymore.

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