Thursday, October 23, 2003


It's really getting cold here, like frost on the pumpkins, Christmas decorations coming out, gotta break out my winter jackets cold. In the 30's this morning. And daylight savings not until this weekend. Why does it seem like daylight savings is so late this year? I could have sworn that it was going to be last weekend, though I'm glad that it wasn't, since I was on call Satuday and that would have meant one more hour in the hospital. It probably wouldn't have been that bad, since the night was manageable and everyone on was able to get some sleep, but I got shut out of my usual sleep spot (Leslie took the couch in the Housestaff Lounge when I got up at 3am to do another admission) so I had to hike on down to the call room. Sweet baby Jesus, it is cold in that call room. I mean, don't get me wrong, its nice to sleep in a real bed instead of a couch, to have a real pillow on which to rest your head instead of a balled up labcoat. It's just that it was negative one million degrees in there. It was so cold that I was actually less rested when I woke up than before. I was having all these tension-anxiety dreams, not the math dream, but this other recurring nightmare that I have where I'm driving in the city, but can't remember which pedal is the gas and which is the brake.

And now, to work.

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