Thursday, October 30, 2003


I was just sitting around yesterday when my pager went off. My first thought, "shit, I'm getting called for sick call."

But I wasn't. It was my ward team. We were having a team dinner last night, planned weeks in advance, and I had forgotten all about it. So I threw on some clothes, hopped in a cab, and made it down in time for the food to arrive. Didn't eat anything, which is something of a shame (the restaurant was Seville, on West 4th down in Greenwich Village, so lots of yummy tapas and Spanish food). However, it didn't stop me from having two glasses of Sangria. Luckily, I was able to sleep in this morning.

What am I, an idiot? How could I forget about the dinner? I guess over the course of internship, I've lost the ability to remember anything unless its written on a clip-boarded piece of paper with a little check box next to it. Go to team dinner 8pm Wendnesday 10/29: check.

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