Thursday, October 23, 2003

little dr. au

One thing I forgot to mention is that my middle sister is applying to med school this year. So that's one thing. The second, more exciting thing, is that she has an interview in two weeks at [university hospital medical school], where I matriculated, and am doing my residency. This, to me, is very thrilling. I know just yesterday I was bashing on first year med students, like, get your heads out of your asses kids, it's just AN ANATOMY EXAM, but this is entirely different. My sister could be going to med school with me! I mean, in the same institution, not like I'm still in med school (though some days I wonder). How cool would that be? Why, in just a year or two, she's going to be way smarter than me, having just learned all the things that I've long forgotten. Glucose metabolism? Neuropathology? Who-wha?

Anyway, even if she doesn't end up at my med school, it'll be cool having another med student in the family. Finally, she'll understand the other 50% of what we're talking about over dinner. Joe was saying something the other day like, "the best advice we can give her is to run in the other" but I think he's a little down on internship these days, having just started a month on the GI/Liver/Geriatrics service. I know I complain about residency a lot, much, much more than I say good things about it, but really, I just don't talk about the good stuff because it would come out sounding so treacly and "ER" redemption scene-esque (with slow, ponderous pan-out of camera as Carter slowly realizes he's Really Made A Difference) that I just don't even bother. Who wants to hear about that? People like trading war stories and competing over who had the worse call night.

But really, being a doctor is pretty cool. Even being an intern is pretty cool. I'm putting it in writing. I can't take it back. I like my job.

(And on that sappy note, cue pager, with the chiefs calling to tell me I have to take sick call tomorrow.)

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