Wednesday, October 22, 2003

one million dollars

There was a recent article in the Times (I would link to it but I can't find it anymore) which stated that the average price of a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan sells for about one million dollars. One million dollars. Here's to a city that people are basically paying an admission fee to live in. Woo, New York!

Speaking of the million dollars that I don't have (yet...but stay tuned for my imaginary lucrative private practice catering to movie star children...) Joe and I decided to go full-on geek and get side-by-side Sidekicks. I needed a new cell phone, and the lure of wireless internet and (more importantly) the ability to send pictures text messages back and forth incessantly all day long was too great for Joe, so he decided to get one too, to keep me company. I was so excited to get my Sidekick that I was peeing myself. I even ordered it next day delivery from Amazon, which I could rationalize because of the fat rebate. I wanted it now. Fast fast fast now now now. So how ironic that Joe, who placed his order a half hour after I did, got his in the mail already, and mine hasn't even shipped from the warehouse yet. (Estimated delivery date is this Friday. I placed the order Sunday. What the hell kind of "next day delivery" is that bullshit? I'm going to have words with Mister Amazon in e-mail form.) This all is, I feel, is punishment for checking my "Where Is My Order?" tracking page one too many times over the past half week. That, and not learning my lesson from Amazon the last three times I ordered from them. They never ship stuff on time. Don't even try ordering Christmas gifts from there, you'll just end up having to go out to a store to buy those same items Christmas Eve afternoon, only to finally receive your order three weeks later. What the hell am I supposed to do with that stuff in the middle of January? MLK gifts?

Take my advice: Same day delivery within Manhattan. Or, don't be a shmuck like me and just walk to the freaking store. (Though, to be fair, may I remind you about the $120 rebate online. So there you go.)

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