Tuesday, November 25, 2003

cheese steak, anyone?

I'm writing this from the airport in Philly, where I have an hour and a half layover before my flight back into Laguardia. The trip was perfect--beautiful hotel, perfect weather, good times with Coleen. And the best of all is that all the airport experiences have been so painless. Seamless connections, short lines, airport shuttles showing up on time to the second. Not even all this "orange alert" nonsense has slowed me down. What's going on here? I'm worried this means I'm due for some bad travel karma soon. Well, I did spill my Diet Coke on my seat, where it pooled under my crotch and made it look like I made pee-pees on myself. See? Karma.

The airport in Philly is gorgeous. Shiny, modern, and functional, it could kick the ass of any of the three airports in the New York area. What are we doing in such a big metropolis with three sub-par airports? The airport in Rochester was nicer than Laguardia. Have we no shame? Why can't we have a pretty airport like this one? It's like a mall here! They have a Gap and a Bath and Body Works in the airport! Damn, I should come here to do my Christmas shopping.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some airport newsstand magazines I need to read.

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