Friday, November 07, 2003

goodbye, leopard-spotted pillows

Saw some bunch of babies at clinic today. I think the oldest kid I saw was four. Ahh, a nice break from adolescents. Even if it turns out you get peed on occasionally.

So this morning (going back in time a little), I was working on some stuff, and the house was nice and quiet. A little too quiet, as I found out fifteen minutes later, when I peeked my head out to see where the hell the dog was. Turns out she broke into the guest room and disemboweled these leopard-spotted fuzzy pillows we had in there. That's her favorite thing, by the way, pulling the guts out of stuffed animals. That's why cleaning this apartment is just a battle against entropy, it's just constant sweeping, sweeping, sweeping up of destroyed stuffed animals and dog hair. Dammit, dog, I paid good money for those pillows! (I got them my senior year in college, during my lounge lizard phase, which has thankfully passed. Though this too-lazy-to-have-decor phase isn't much better, I supposed.) I don't think this bodes well for the rest of the furniture. You're next, couch upholstery.

Photos of the carnage, and the aftermath.

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