Monday, November 03, 2003

it's getting hot in herre

So take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off.

Honestly, can anyone say "it's getting hot in here" anymore without humming that Nelly song? I just don't understand the "herre" part. Misspelling that word doesn't even make sense. It's not a pun or anything, it's just...dumb.

Anyhoo, unseasonably warm in New York these days, as I'm sure you've heard. I actually had to turn off some lights, it was getting so hot in here. (" take off all your clothes..." Argh, Nelly, get out of my head!) I'm sweating. It's November 3rd. What gives?

I had some hope that I might get tomorrow off, since I was supposed to be at the school clinic and tomorrow is a school holiday (well, Election Day), but they just switched me back to the hospital clinic so I have to work a full day anyway. I'm going to try and get out early, though. I need time to work on Underappreciated Presentation II: Genetic Diseases. The snooze-fest continues.

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of the day. I couldn't take pictures at the school, so there isn't much commentary to go with the shots. Basically, me making kissy face, me practicing the Power Point setup before my lesson, the dog, the dog, the dog. You may notice that we had to change her T-shirt. It now says, "Back to the Future." One point twenty-one gigawatts! We tried to disrobe the dog, because it was just getting too embarassing walking a dog with a T-shirt on, but then she proceeded to basically start eating the wound again, opening it up superficially. So that T-shirt's back on until she's all healed up. This could be a true test. How many baby tees do I have in my closet? And is one only more comical than the next?

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