Sunday, November 09, 2003

the matrix 33 and 1/3rd

We just got back from seeing "The Matrix: Parte Trois." It was all right, though I admit the battle scenes held my interest more than all that philosphical talking mumbo-jumbo. Also, I got the sense, don't ask me how, that I was being subversively lectured to about Jesus. Maybe it's the fact that Neo had a great big honking CROSS shining out of his chest at the end of the movie. Subtle, guys.

Right before the movie started, some guys a couple rows in front of us stood up, shushed us all, introduced himself and in a loud voice, requested that we all turn off our cell phones before the movie started. "I cannot hear any cell phone rings while watching this movie," he said, all intense. Nothing like cultivating the ill-will of your fellow movie goers. After some sarcastic clapping, people started setting off their cell phones, so that the whole theater was filled with the sound of electronic ringing all through the previews. Did I mention that, on top of that speech, he also told us all that he was visiting from Florida? There's a guy that really wants to get beat up on the curb outside the theater after the movie is over.

So these days, I'm sick. Not sick enough to stay home from work, but sick enough to feel bad. I just took my cold medicine triple cocktail (Sudafed, Benadryl, Motrin) and am now getting extremely drowsy. There's no sleep like the sleep of Benadryl. Better get in bed so that I can enjoy it.

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