Monday, February 16, 2004

underwear drawer, the return

Hello, the three remaining people who still check this page. As you may have noticed, I've been Guy Incognito since Thanksgiving. But I guess that's what two weeks in the ER, and month on Oncology and a month on the wards during bronchiolitis season will do to you. I'd hit my intern year nadir sometime in there, around the end of January, which consisted of ruing my daily existence and searching the want ads in the times for any other job on earth besides the one I had. How about this job: Most Overqualified Babysitter EVER. You would hire me, right?

That was last month. But now things are starting to pick back up.

Joe and I just got back from the wedding of two friends out in LA. (The two friends were marrying each other, not that we went to two separate weddings.) We managed to get the long weekend off together since both he and I are on easier rotations this month (Radiology elective and Outpatient, respectively), so we actually got to spend some meaningful time together for the first time in a long while. I was even all excited at the prospect of getting to take the flight together, as it meant that we would get to sit next to each other for six hours straight and watch an inflight movie together. Intern year, starts to sound like a fairly rockin' date with your spouse. But then I ended up sleeping through the whole flight anyway, so there you go. (A sleep date--also not atypical in the two-inten household.)

Well, anyway, now that my time is a little more my own again, I'll try to update more frequently. Thanks for sticking around.

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