Monday, April 19, 2004


(The above title is not quite as clever as my "on-call-ogy" joke, but hey, I try.)

Man, another patient of mine got a heart today. We're giving them out like candy at some kind of a...candy...convention. (Sorry, analogy lost a little steam there.) Good for you, kid!

On call again tonight. Between crosscovering and being on the actual service, I will have done 2 straight months of cardiology call by the time this block is over. And yet, I have learned next to nothing. One of my fellows today gave me a lecture about Tetralogy of Fallot and I was practically slobbering all over him with gratitude. So nice when people appreciate that as an intern, you're here to learn, not just do all their shit work. (Though obviously that's a huge part of our role too.) To think that I'm starting my sixth week on cards and no one had showed me how to use the telemetry program until today. I'd just been relying on nurses to call me when someone went into SVT, but I guess they don't always.

I'm sleepy.

Currently reading: My patient's EKG. Good thing Joe gave me those calipers for Christmas. (Yes, I got calipers as a Christmas gift. from my husband. What, you never got a romantic nerd gift before?)

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