Friday, May 28, 2004

one day more

Just one more day until I'm on vacation. True, that day is a 24-hour call in the NICU, but more day! It will be pure pain, though I keep telling myself that it can't be worse than Oncology call, and then I feel a little better. At least with NICU, the fellow is with you on the floor at all times. Also, I hear that on the weekends, the on-call resident doesn't have to carry the DR phone (DR = delivery room), so at least my work will be streamlined somewhat, not having to pop up and down constantly between deliveries and the unit. I'll be able to limit my suffering all to one place, which is nice.

Here are some things that I'm going to do on my vacation:

1.) Sleep. A lot.

2.) Take Cooper to the park and stop being a deadbeat dog owner.

3.) Work on Scutmonkey. For real this time.

4.) Have a party next Friday to celebrate the end of intern year, and also my birthday. I'll be 26. Not a very exciting age to turn, but I'm almost out of those good milestone birthdays. Well, until I turn 50 or something.

5.) Go to my sister's college graduation. This would be a lot more fun if we didn't have to drive out there to the middle of NOWHERE at the ass-crack of dawn (my parents couldn't get hotel reservations), and help her move all four years of accumulated STUFF out of her dorm room that same day. I'm not into heavy lifting.

6.) Maybe plan a trip to the DR with my sister. (That DR stands for the Dominican Republic, not the delivery room, as above.)

7.) Sleep some more.

I don't think this vacation is going to be long enough.

Currently reading: Alternating between The New Yorker and US Weekly. A little bit of highbrow, a little bit of lowbrow, just the way I like it.

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