Tuesday, July 20, 2004

a call free night
I bumped into Noah when I was post-call the other day, and as we were chatting, waiting for the elevator, he asked me how I had the time to update my webpage so often.  I gave him some sort of offhand answer, like, "Oh, it doesn't really take that long for me to update," but the real answer is that I type very fast, and don't think very hard about what I'm writing.  I hope that wasn't too obvious already.
It was an extremely frustrating day at work today, capped off by an exchange coincidentally very much like the one I detailed in yesterday's entry.  Only in this scenario, we actually got as far as getting the patient on the schedule and wheeling her down to the OR, only to watch her get sent back up less than an hour later because the attending coverage had just changed that same morning and the new attending had some bright ideas about what shiny new workup he wanted.  So no dice.  The patient was physically in the OR, for chrissake.  We were so close!  Damn, just give me the endoscope and a spork, I'll put in the PEG myself.  The funniest part (though I was not laughing at the time) was when this new attending was basically dressing me down for what he felt like was the faulty patient management plan.  "You guys were wrong, OK?  Your plan was just wrong," he spit out, before turing on his heel and walking off into the sunset of A Good Doctor Practicing Tough Love.  Unfortunately, he didn't realize that the aforementioned "wrong" plan was not one dictated by us fools on Neurology, rather by his colleague, the GI attending who had been covering his service immediately before.  Oh well.  Right-wrong, tomato-tomahto.
As I signed out the service this evening, with patient stacked up on the wards like firewood and at least four more already in the ER waiting to be admitted, I was so, so glad to not be on call tonight.  My only regret is that I felt bad for Jack, who was.  I'll have to buy him something tasty for breakfast tomorrow morning.  Only the best for my my co-resident, so long as it can be purchased off the coffee cart for a total of $3.00 or less.
Currently reading: "House of Leaves."  At this point, I just really want to find out what happens at the end of the story.  But I guess I'll have to read it again anyway.

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