Friday, July 23, 2004

found in translation
We have exposition and translation of the German article!  Thanks again, Kai B.

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From: Kai B
To: Michelle Au
Re: Greetings from Germany

Hi!  Thieme is one of the main publishers of medical books in Germany.  I'll give a rough translation (please don't mind grammar or a strange use of vocabulary....)

Comics about a physicians life
The start of a young physicians career in a NY hospital isn't easy.  As always, the career starts at the very bottom and brings a lot of disappointments and she often drops a brick. The only way to survive seems to be humour - the first comics give certainly hope for more!
There's a lot to tell about the daily struggle, the dear colleges, and med students and the patients fads. On her internet homepage - there's also a diary! - she incorporates her experiences into absolutely funny comic strips.
Easy going she hits the mark, drawing and text add to a perfect result,so that no eye will stay dry (it means that everybody has to laugh so much, that tears will come). For sure, the strip "12 types of Med Students" will be a cult comic in the near future.
An interesting fact by the way: Med students across the pond (across the atlantic) are not so very different....
Kai B.
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Very cute.  Gotta love the Germans.  They're making me feel guilty, though, about being so behind on my new "Scutmonkey" installment.  Maybe this will light the fire under my boots and get to me at least ink the first half of the new strip.
Currently reading: "Complications."  So let me get this straight: this guy was a surgical resident at Harvard, a husband, a father, a regular contributer to the New Yorker and a National Book Award finalist?  Some people are just amazing.  Either that, or aliens.

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