Saturday, July 17, 2004

no free lunch
I have Sunday call this weekend, and Saturday call next weekend, which means that today is my only day off for the next two weeks.  So the pressure was on to have a good time, dammit.  Therefore, we went to see "Anchorman," and lo, it was funny.  Go see it.  Unless you don't like funny movies, in which case, don't see it. 
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So my sister is due to start med school orientation in about three weeks.  Who knew school started so early?  How much orienting do they need, anyway?  There's the bookstore, there's the lecture hall, thank you and good night.  I tend to get nostalgic easily for things, but there's really not that much that I miss about the first two years of medical school.  Basic science?  Anatomy?  Eight final exams in five days?  Never again.  Actually, the only thing I really miss is the freedom to wake up in the morning, decide that eh, I'm pretty tired, maybe I'll skip lecture today and sleep in.  Can't do that anymore.  As a resident, you can't even really do that when you're sick, because you know that they're just going to have to pull some other resident to cover for you, and not only are adding to their workload, chances are you'll probably have to pay them back at some point when maximally inconvenient for you.  Do you know how sick I would have to be to actually call in sick on a day that I'm on call?  So very sick.  Actually, I'd probably have to be dead. 
*          *          *

I had an encounter with a drug rep the other day.  I don't really see many drug reps, because they don't actually let them into our hospital for ethical reasons, but I guess some of them breach the defenses through some of the specialty outpatient clinics.  The one I met was actually attempting to network through the Ophtho department, and once she heard that I was a Peds resident, she was all over me like flies on dung.  I couldn't really deflect her attempts to infiltrate the Pediatrics department without being outright mean, but I really didn't want to end up as a drug-rep go-between. 
Maybe it's because it was drilled into my head from med school, but some of her promotional ploys were just painfully blatant.  At one point, she told some of the residents that while she thought it was great that they were prescribing [pharmeceutical company ophthalmic solution] twice a week, she would be "so grateful" if they could prescribe it four or five times a week.  And by the way, these drug companies absolutely know what they're doing when they hire these reps.  The one I met is this cute-as-a-button little cheerleader-type who was impossible to say no to, especially after she picked up the tab for the resident's Happy Hour.  I mean, no offense to her personally, she's just doing her job, and I'm sure she's a nice girl.  But it's just all a very shady business, this buying of doctors.
*          *          *

In clinic yesterday, I diagnosed a kid with hand-foot-and-mouth disease, probably from coxsackie virus.  Heh.  "Coxsackie."
Currently reading: "House of Leaves."  OK, it's starting to get kinda good.  But I'm still a little "???" on the footnotes. 

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