Sunday, July 04, 2004

seven four oh four

Volumes 3 through 9 of "Iron Wok Jan!" arrived in the mail for me yesterday. So exciting. That was some speedy delivery, especially since it was shipped for free. Oh man, how did I get so nerdy? Soon I'll be going to Taco Bell to get a hundred tacos in a wheelbarrow, which will provide adequate susenance for the "Dr. Who" marathon.

Nothing much going on here. Just sitting at home, eating burritos, having a beer, and waiting for the fireworks to begin. Which is, of course, what our founding fathers intended Fourth of July to be all about.

Currently reading: "Iron Wok Jan! Volume 5." I tried to use some of the cooking tips for making dinner tonight, but I don't think that the cooking techniques carries over to refried beans and ground pork.

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