Monday, July 05, 2004

three pagers

When I'm on call for Neurology, I carry three pagers. One is my personal pager, which I always have. The other two are Neurology pagers, one for consults, and one for the wards. The fact that there are two Neurology pagers seems like a little bit of a waste, but it must be for during the week, where there are enough residents to disperse the consult and ward responsibilities between two or more people. Either way, it's irrelevant, because there's a digital phone that they can reach me on too. Anyway, just to make my life a little easier, I have reprogrammed each pager to a different ring, just so I can tell quickly which one is going off without frantically unclipping them from my pants and holding them to my ears. My personal pager is just of the standard "beep beep, beep beep beep" variety. The Ward pager plays the theme from "Love Story." And the consult pager plays "Starry Starry Night." (Because that's when the ER loves to page me.) And before you mock me for picking such lame-ass pager tones, why not blame Arch Wireless for not selling the hospital pagers a system with more ring-tone choices.

So far, all quiet on the Western Front. Hopefully, things will stay calm. Nothing worse on Neuro call than being woken up to a strident electronic version of "Starry Starry Night."

Currently watching: "Capturing the Friedmans." I wonder if David Friedman's birthday clown business gig took a big hit after this movie came out. My guess would be yes.

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