Sunday, August 01, 2004

scutmonkey issue #1, on sale now

First, the big news. The first issue of the scutmonkey mini-comic is on sale now! Putting together this mini-comic was not so easy as I had originally presumed it would be. I figured the hard part would be just drawing the damn thing, and assembling the booklet would just be a matter of some self-serve photocopying at Kinko's and some staple-wizardry. I guess I'm not so handy as I thought. Well, in my defense, the stapler at the copy place was pitifully inadequate for heavy-duty stapling, and there was a glitch in the top feeder of the Xerox machine at the place. 2 hours, half a ream of paper, and three boxes of mangled staples later, I just decided to take the job to the full-service desk and let them do it for me. And here you have it.

There's the cover, in all it's 80-pound cardstock glory. I think the weight of the cover may have been what killed all those staples. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but it's actually a lovely persimmon color.

Lo, two-toned cardstock. Do you know how long I spent at the paper store choosing just the right cover for this project? Actually, forget it, you don't really want to know.

Inside, 48 pages of comical goodness.

Enjoyed by medical professionals. Especially in totally staged photographs.

So, there's that. I'm selling the mini-comics for $5.00 each, which, in the end, probably just defrays the cost of printing the damn things. Now you may be asking yourselves, why the hell would I pay $5.00 to buy the comic book when I can read all the comics online for free? Well, how about this?

  • Pride of ownership.

  • Great cheap gifts for everyone! Classmates, co-workers, non-medical friends, parents. Well, not if your parents or friends are FREAKS and don't like the sound of HUMAN LAUGHTER, but for all the normal people in your life, this gift is tops!

  • A fun bathroom read (though those with cable modem hookups in their bathrooms may have been enjoying this already).

  • Uh...valuable collectors item?

So anyway, take a look. It'll be something interesting for your coffee table anyway, and at only $5.00, why the hell not? This is my first time using PayPal to sell online, though, so if you run into any problems with the buttons and whatnot, let me know.

Currently reading: "Candy Freak." The job wasn't ready at Kinko's when I went to go pick it up, so I killed some time at Barnes and Noble and walked away with this book, as well as "The Time Traveler's Wife" (I think one of your guys recommend it to me) and "My New York Diary," a graphic novel by Julie Doucet.

Issue #1 of Scutmonkey on sale now at The Scutmonkey Store!

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