Wednesday, September 01, 2004

four calls, nine days

I am the queen of call-stacking! Four calls in nine days. Now if only I were paid by the hour. So far on call tonight, we had a kid who coded requiring chest compressions and intubation, a newborn double-outlet right ventricle who needed lines, and a micro preemie who needs to be tapped. She works hard for the money so you'd better treat her right.

Currently taking a short dinner break. The dinner is Wendy's, because they're open late, they're across the street from the hospital, and it seems appropriately decadent in that throwing-your-hands-up-why-bother-pretending-to-be-healthy kind of way. Plus, Wendy's will sell you a really gigantic tub of Coke. Biggie size indeed.

The reason my calls are so stacked in the first half of this block is because I needed this upcoming weekend off. My cousin is getting married in South Carolina, and I was under familial contract to attend the festivities. Looks like this might not be the best weekend to fly down South, unfortunately. Or to have a wedding, for that matter. Let's hope the reception is indoors. Preferrably in a basement somewhere.

Currently reading: "Carnet de Voyage." I loved "Blankets" so I felt obligated.

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