Thursday, October 28, 2004

autumn in new york

Our Tevas came! And lo, they are ugly, like giant rubber rafts. But comfortable. And on sale. So what are you going to do? Wear stilettos hiking up a cliff just for style points?

I had some administrative duties that to take care of up at the hospital that consumed most of my day, but afterwards, I got off the train early and took a little walk through Central Park. It was one of those amazing New York fall days, I felt like I was strolling through the set of a Woody Allen movie. Maybe even the one with all the singing and dancing. Or at the very least, I was walking through the set of "You've Got Mail." Either way, it was a gorgeous day out, if such things can be judged purely by the density of identical Chinese brides running about the park with their wedding photography crews in tow, shooting as many rolls of film as possible before the sun decided to pack it in for the day. I'm glad our wedding photographer didn't make us peek out coyly from behind a tree or some such nonsense.

But speaking of lame photography, not to be too fucking precious or anything like that, but thought you might enjoy pictures of Cooper playing with a ball of yarn. I know, I know. Because she is a cat. And because I am Jean Teasdale. (Click on the thumbnails to make the little pictures big.)

New on the photo project:
First Avenue at night.

Currently reading: Re-reading "Box Office Poison" because it's good like that.

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