Tuesday, October 05, 2004

praise cheeses

I have become rather enamored of government cheese. I'm talking about that single serving shrink-wrapped cheese that comes on hospital trays, about the size and shape of two pats of butter side by side, and containing roughly the same fat content. They have a little pyre of them in the refrigerator on the PICU, runoff from the pantry, and I have been dipping into this stash every day after rounds. Slap a little government cheese on a Saltine, with another Saltine on top, and that's some good eating.

I don't steal the cheese from the trays of patients themselves, of course. Then again, maybe I just haven't been hungry enough yet.

Currently watching: The vice presidential debate. This debate is much more down and dirty than the first presidential debate. But I guess that's what happens when you have the campaign attack dogs going at each other. What kind of dogs would they be, I wonder? I think John Edwards is a Jack Russell Terrier, and Dick Cheney is a bulldog.

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