Friday, October 22, 2004

sorry, kids

My clinic official ran out of our last dose of flu vaccine today. It's only the middle of October, for chrissake. Oh, it's going to be a long winter. Bring on the Tamiflu. After I heard that our meager supply had already been tapped, I had to go out to the waiting room and tell my patients, two asthmatic brothers, that I was sorry but they wouldn't be getting the flu shot after all. The kids were psyched to hear it, high-fiving and the like, but the mom, not so much.

Whenever I tell people that I'm studying for Step 3 of the Boards, everyone who's already taken the test feigns disbelief. "You're actually studying for Step 3? Don't study! You'll totally pass! Don't worry about it! If I could pass, you'll definitely pass." Which defines the crucial difference between those who have taken the exam and those who have yet to. Those who already passed have the luxury of saying what a cakewalk it was in retrospect. Those who have yet to take the exam, like me, have to at least on some level assume that it's going to be hard, just out of humility or for self-presevation. And if for no other reason, I'm studying because I do not have another $600 to fork over to NBME in the event that I have to take that fucker again.

New on the photo project: To Inwood and back.

Currently reading: A little bit of "Blackwell," a little bit of "Q Bank." Hmm. Q Bank. Q fever. Coxiella burnetii. Do I really need to know all this stuff?

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