Tuesday, October 26, 2004

step off

The second day of testing wasn't so bad, aside from the fact that my start time was delayed almost an hour because of some problems with the computer and "the files" that were supposed to be sent from "the main office." (That's just what they told me, I have no idea what it meant). So now I'm free to enjoy the rest of my elective time, and to actually put some work into this Web Based Curriculum thing that I said I was going to tweak. Right after I take a nap. And have a snack. And then take another nap.

New on the photo project: The Third Avenue street fair this Sunday. (Here's some more background on street fairs from ye olde archives, if you're interested.)

Currently watching: "Angels in America: Perestroika" I watched the first part, "Millenium Approaches," last night. I had read the play about a year ago, but there's something about seeing it acted out that makes it so much better. I don't know, maybe that means I don't have a very good imagination. Funny how it seems like Mary Louise Parker is always playing these sort of unhinged types, like in "Proof." She's like the Jennifer Jason Leigh of the theater. Or the Ally Sheedy, only, you know, successful. And who is that guy who plays Joe, the closeted Morman? He's dreamy. But what's with those weird undershirts with a seam down the front? Is that some sort of relic of the 80's that I don't know about? Maybe it's supposed to be a Morman thing.

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