Thursday, December 30, 2004

hamburger hill

Yesterday, Joe was feeling particularly domestic and decided to make us a big old meatloaf for dinner. And I mean big, because this thing was the size of a Buick when it was finished. Seeing a chunk of solid meat that size sent the dog into paroxysms of joy, but I almost fainted at the thought of us chipping away at the thing over the course of the next week, even if it did smell good. Turns out it makes pretty good meatloaf sandwiches, though. Joe, again with the domesticity, and who is turning out to be a better wife than I seem to be, packed me a little bag lunch for work today, with meatloaf sandwich, pistachios, and a pear, even thoughtfully including two tomato slices in a separate baggie to keep the bread from getting soggy. What, no Ring Dings? No juice box?

We're heading to Buck's County Pennsylvania tomorrow to spend New Year's at a B&B deep in the heart of down-home-kuntry-crafty-antiquing world. We actually tried to get our old room at this other B&B we visited last year, but they were all booked up, the bastards. Not that it really matters, I suppose. Quaint is quaint is quaint. And there are only so many different variations on the standard B&B lumberjack breakfast. Pile o' eggs, pile o' meat, pile o' batter molded into some specialty shape. Am I wrong? Anyway, at least this isn't one of those Unabomber B&Bs that shun technology, so there's a TV and high speed internet connection in each of the rooms. Not that we're bringing computers or anything, but it's comforting all the same. These rural areas freak me out sometimes.

See you in 2005.

Currently reading: Finished "The Kite Runner" yesterday. Man, that book is depressing. Just when you think enough tragedy has occured and it's time for the story to get happy already, something else terrible happens. It reminds me of that movie "Once Were Warriors," in that you basically want to commit suicide when the movie's over. In that good way, I guess. But now I've officially run out of new books to read. Luckily, one of my Christmas gifts from my parents was a Barnes and Noble gift card.

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