Friday, January 07, 2005


Today I'm spending a full day at clinic, taking my one-hour commute home, getting some sleep, and then heading back into the hospital later tonight for my 11pm-8am shift in the ER.

A double-header. I'm not happy about this. Hours-wise, it's not different than just being on overnight call, but overnight in the ER after a full day at work is different. At least on the wards there's some possibility of tucking in your patients and getting some sleep yourself. The ER is just non-stop. Sometimes it feels like a factory, with sick kids popping off the assembly line at this constant, steady pace. And sometimes the conveyer belt gets screwed up, like in that "I Love Lucy" episode in the chocolate factory, and kids start spewing out triple-time.

In addition, I noticed that I'm the only resident scheduled to be in the Peds ER overnight. Putting ONE MEASLY RESIDENT in the PEDIATRIC ER in the DEAD OF WINTER--is this really such a good idea, folks?

I'm just not happy about this at all.

Currently reading: Finished "Clyde Fans: Book 1" which I really enjoyed. It had an air of simple melancholy and regret, and the art was beautiful. Now working through another Canadian cartoonist's latest offering, "Louis Riel: A Comic Strip Biography." So far I'm not as into it as the former selection. I guess I'm just not that into Canadian frontier history.

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