Friday, February 11, 2005

home improvement

In a flurry of redecoration, the likes of which this household has never seen, we've done some rearranging to clear out our old dining room in preparation for Cletus. We owe this kick in the pants to the powers of our new Ikea storage system. Hail to thee, Ikea!

This is going to be Cletus's room, once we get some baby crap in there. It formerly housed our dining room table and little else. Really, I should put "dining" in quotes, because we never really used it to eat. In fact, I think the last time that we were in this room was Christmas, and that was because someone gave us this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and we needed a big empty space to assemble it.

Here's the view looking out from Cletus's room to the new dining are. You can see that all we did is to push the dining table out into the foyer, where we're actually more likely to use it, now that we don't have to step into a whole separate room to sit down and eat.

Here's a closer view of the same. The new Ikea shelf-thingy is the perfect system for storing all those wedding gifts we never use. Like those five million glass vases that we somehow have. And the breadmaker. If you overlook the pile of cardboard boxes destined for recycling by the door there, this room actually looks kind of nice, like real adults live here.

So now we feel sort of proud. It was OK to live like a couple of shiftless college students when it was just us, but now that we have a kid on the way, we feel sort of an obligation to make a nice home so that the Child Welfare people don't barge in and put Cooper and Cletus in foster care. We want to look legit. And we also want to have a nice place for Cletus to sleep, although it would be pretty funny for him/her to be like Kerney's kid in the Simpsons and say, "I sleep in a drawer!"

By the way, Cooper now loves the new BLUE! couch. At first she was a little scared, as were we all, but she's since warmed up to it. Of course, as a dog, she is color-blind.

Currently watching: "Friday Night Lights." My dad just lent us the DVD. He seems to be going through some sort of football movie kick, having watched both "Friday Night Lights" and "Rudy" (the football movie starring Frodo's boyfriend, Sam) in the same week. Which is kind of strange, since my dad doesn't even like football.

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