Saturday, February 26, 2005

how michelle got her bling back

Don't tell Joe, but I almost lost my wedding ring last night on call. But from this experience, I have learned a valuable lesson. When scrubbing into a C-section, do not put your ring in your scrub shirt pocket, forget about said ring, and then chuck the ring-containing scrub shirt into the hamper once it gets all gored up. Which, I guess, should be obvious to anyone who isn't an IDIOT (e.g. me). And yes, I know, I should tie it to my scrub pants, but then I have this fear that I'll forget the ring is secured there and then having it go flying irretrievably down the toilet during one of my little pit stops. When I finally noticed that my ring was missing, I retraced my steps and found my doffed shirt in the hamper in the Well-Baby Nursery. I expressed some relief to the overnight nurse who was working there, who gave me a dark look. "Good thing we aren't THEIVES," she said, her eyes all big and crazy. The Well-Baby overnight nurses are all a little odd. I'm a little apprehensive about leaving Cletus in their hands when I deliver at [University Hospital] in July.

(I don't even know why I keep saying [University Hospital] like it's a big secret anymore where I work. The name of the institution is plastered all over my ultrasound scans, for chrissake. But let's all pretend that I'm being discreet and that no one knows which hospital I'm talking about.)

Anyway, I'm tired, so I'm going to bed.

Currently reading: "Twentieth Century Eightball." Also still curiously still reading "Deception Point" in bits and pieces, even though it's so, so bad. You know how when something smells foul, you are repulsed, but keep taking little sniffs of it to reconfirm its grossness? And then you tell all your friends to smell it too, because you just cannot believe how much it stinks? This book is like that.

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