Tuesday, February 22, 2005

the nanny has landed!

Guess what? Georgia said yes! She e-mailed us back today and said that while she had gotten a lot of interest from parents in her current nanny-neighborhood, but that she enjoyed our meeting on Sunday and felt comfortable with accepting a position with us come summertime. Joe called me at work to tell me the good news, and I was so happy that I just about cried. If you know how much we've been stressing about this nanny search, and how much talk and worry and financial planning we've invested so far, you would understand how huge of a deal this is. She's a nanny for two doctors at our hospital (first base: she knows our pain) who has two kids of her own (second base: she's experienced) with impeccable references from people we know (third base: the trust factor) who not only watches over the current toddler she's taking care of, but reads to him, plays with him, finds classes for him to take, even takes him to the damn Museum of Natural History on a regular basis (home run: molding the kid in a nerdling). We are thrilled and excited and so relieved. I feel like we proposed marriage to her and she said yes. Break out the non-alcoholic champagne! (Read: sparkling cider.)

The excitement about Georgia is only slightly dampened by the fact that I didn't get home from work until past 9pm tonight. I was holding the delivery room pager during the day and got saddled with two 28-week twins with various and sundry problems, both who ended up intubated by the end of the morning. I spent my whole day with the Bobbsey Twins and The Mystery of the No Like Breathing, and didn't get to see or do anything on any of my other patients until 6pm. There was no way around it today, but this only strengthens my feeling that the person on call should always carry the DR pager during the day. At least when I have to be there all night anyway, I figure I might as well pile on the pain so that others might have a normal work day and get out on time. But the non-call 15-hour work day kills me. Especially because I have to be back at work at 6:30 again tomorrow morning.

Currently reading: Well, still "Black Hawk Down," technically, but I didn't make any headway on it this morning because Joe drove me to work, and I couldn't read it on the subway tonight because my brain was too fried to concentrate. But it's in my work bag, which at least implies that I'm still actively reading it.

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