Wednesday, April 20, 2005

oy, my sciatica

I feel like a collection of assorted bodily complaints for bringing this up (ai yi yi, my aching back, my aching legs), but my left sciatic nerve is killing me. I was having twinges of it before, but yesterday during my overnight shift it was a lot worse--I was hobbling around like a gimp for most of the night. I wasn't sure how to get the weight off the old nerve short of actually laying down--I tried leaning forward and moving my leg up and around--but nothing really worked. Finally, I took some Tylenol and just tried to forget about it. And that didn't work either. Dang.

Sometimes you can just tell from the weather report when you're going to have a bad night in the ER. As of 8:30pm, it's 84 degrees outside, and there's a thick layer of smog covering the city. Traumas and asthmatics, come on down!

Currently reading: Various speed-cooking recipes, trying to figure out something that I can quickly eat for dinner tonight before heading into the hospital. Speaking of which--I took a cab to work last night, and when I gave him the address and told him the hospital name, the cabbie asked me, all excitedly, "Is the baby coming?" I was like,, just going to work.

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