Wednesday, April 06, 2005

you can call me cal

So that's going to be his name. The kid, I mean. We're naming him Cal.


You mean, short for Calvin?
No. Just Cal.

Is that a real name?

What does it mean?
Never mind about that. We picked the name first, then looked up the meaning second. Just like how we decided to name our dog "Cooper" before we even went to the pound to pick her out, which is why our lady dog has such a butch name.

Where have I heard that name before?
Well, there's Cal Ripken Jr. (though I think his real first name is Calvin), and Jerry Seinfeld has a kid whose middle name is Cal. But being neither worshippers of Cal Ripken Jr. or Jerry Seinfeld, this is all more of a coincidence.


Not Caleb?
The kid's name is going to be Cal.

What is it with you guys and short names, anyway?
What can I say, we can't spell so good.

Currently reading: People magazine. I know, I know. But I'm too tired to read anything of substance. This night shift thing along with the jet-lag is liquefying my brain.

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