Sunday, July 17, 2005

belly shots, the final roundup

In a move blatantly stolen from Heather at Dooce, I give you the last six months of the Incredible Expanding Uterus, condensed via the wonder of time-lapse photography. I know I still have 11 days left until my (ha!) "official" due date, but I've decided I'm done with taking pictures of this kid until he decides to show his face on the outside. And anyway, if I get any bigger than I already am, I'm not sure I want any photographic documentation of that fact.

My only disappointment with this pregnancy is that I didn't get bigger boobs out of the deal. Wasn't I supposed to sprout these gigantic, pillowy, mother of the Earth boobs? What happened? I just can't catch a break, here.

14 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks

27 weeks

29 weeks

31 weeks

32 weeks

34 weeks

36 weeks

38 weeks

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  1. Wow! I'm always in awe of the process of pregnancy and giving birth, in fact I somehow consider it a miracle. Love to look at these photos. Your baby bumb is indeed growing and it's absolutely amazing!

    Peny@white swan scrubs