Wednesday, July 27, 2005

hufflepuff vs. ravenclaw

I guess that lack of sleep must have caught up with me, because last night, I briefly forgot--FORGOT--that we'd had a baby.

To be fair, I was asleep, and having a dream about Harry Potter. So that's the first psychotic thing. I dreamed that there was a Quidditch game going on (shut up) that we were watching from the bleachers, Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw (shut up), and when Cal woke up hungry and started crying, it all got kind of mixed up into the dream. Somehow, I was in charge of breastfeeding the Quidditch players, and as I picked up Cal and popped him on, I was hazily trying to figure out who he was, what team he was playing for, and gee, wasn't he a little bit small for Quidditch? Aren't there height and weight requirements?

"Which player is this? Which team?" I asked Joe groggily. Thankfully, he was half-asleep with the burp cloth over his chest, and didn't really hear what I was saying.

Eventually, I woke up enough to remember that, oh yeah, we had a baby, and I'm breastfeeding just that one baby, not a gang of magical teenagers in robes. But it was strange, because I literally did forget that the kid had been born. Man, if two hours of sleep is this discombobulating, maybe I'm just better off not getting any sleep at all.

Currently reading: Finally finished Harry Potter. Wow. That was kind of intense.

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