Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Today I forced myself out of the house for most of the morning to give Georgia and Cal a chance to get their groove on without me being Hover-Mommy in the background, constantly poking my head in and asking, "Is everything OK? Do you guys need anything?" They did fine, of course. I just needed to not be in the house for my own and everyone else's sanity, because I have a hard time being in the apartment watching someone else taking care of my kid. It's the same way I often have to leave the house when we have someone come by and clean for us--I feel guilty just sitting there like some imperialist overlord, watching them work.

So what did I do with my morning? I didn't really have an agenda, but I did take care of some errands that I've been meaning to run and haven't been able to, trapped in the house with the baby either by precipitation or a heat index topping 100 degrees. I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up "The Pillars of the Earth" in paperback. Thank god, something new to read. But man, first my sickness in needing to complete the (progressively ridiculous) Dan Brown compendium, and now this Ken Follett thing. I'm becoming one of those Thriller Readers. Well, it's summertime anyway, all light reading is forgiven.

I dropped by Staples and rubbed myself on all the lovely, lovely Back to School supplies. How ridiculous is it that I, a 27 year-old woman, still get all turned on by all those magic markers and Trapper Keepers and such? I am such a nerd. I could probably spend an hour alone just in the pen section, trying out all manner of medium tip versus fine tip, gel ink versus ball point.

I stopped by Old Navy and got some super sale sports bras because I don't have any bras that fit me anymore, and while I have a huge stash of these tops that I've basically been wearing exclusively for the past four weeks, I have to come to terms with the fact that the weather may not permit me to wear tank tops for the rest of my life. I also picked up a few new 3-6 month sale outfits for Cal, because he burns through clothes like some sort of award show host (though it's unclear if Whoopi Goldberg changed clothes so often during the Oscars for the sake of fashion, or because she got spit up over each successive outfit). Anyway, these sales rack baby clothes, you cannot resist them. Because of CUTENESS.

And finally, I swung by Walgreens and got some cheap-ass $1.99 lip gloss. The $1.99 lip gloss was, so far as I can tell, identical to the $7.99 lip gloss, so why spend the extra money? Actually, the cheaper lip gloss was probably better--the brand name stuff was all unnecessarily sparkly and "less sticky" (as per the advertising), but the sparkles just end up all over your face by the end of the day, making you look like you came to work straight from a rave or some such thing. Also, I actually prefer my lip gloss sticky. It stays on better that way. Nothing more annoying that a thin, smeary lip gloss that glides right off the second you take a bite of your sandwich.

So those were the things that I occupied myself with during my self-imposed exile from the house. Then I ran home and everyone was still alive and smiley and happily playing, which made me feel both great and superfluous.

Well, they still need me to provide the food, anyway.

Currently reading: My new book. Also while at Barnes and Noble, read all the Us Weekly/In Touch/People-type magazines while sitting at the cafe and felt a little bit sick afterwards, the way you feel the morning after Halloween from all that candy the night before.

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