Thursday, October 20, 2005

the no-cry shot solution

I got a lot of sleep on call last night, but come this morning I was still really tired. Maybe the spirits of the haunted hotel were keeping me awake all night. (Or something.) In ye olden days, this tiredness would not have been a huge problem--I could just use my post-call day off to cycle through various delicious phases if catnapping and vegetating--but now we have this child, you see. I spent a good portion of the morning trying to convince Cal that yes indeed, he did want to take a nice long nap with me, but after about 45 minutes he would have none of it and stared to emit his characteristic "entertain me now" caws. I have to tell you, he loves that Baby Einstein playmat thingy, though. He's starting to get a little bald spot on the back of his head from spending so much time on it, swiveling his head around to look at all the toys. If you know someone who's having a baby and you have money falling out of your ears, you should think about getting it for them. Well, either that or the pile of rags that I had suggested previously.

So everything went well at Cal's doctor's appointment. For those playing along with the home version of the game, he's 16 lbs. 9oz. and 25 inches tall, which officially makes him Very Large. He got his little polio vaccine, and you're not going to believe this, but...HE DIDN'T EVEN CRY. I was prepared for the worst, all poised and hovering and ready to scoop him up the second it was over and make it all better with the HEALING POWERS OF MY MATERNAL EMBRACE--but honestly, he didn't even flinch when that needle went in. It was a sub-cu shot instead of IM, so it probably hurt less that the shots he got last time, but still, there was a needle on the end of that syringe, wasn't there? You know, the pointy kind. This kid is tough.

I have other stories to tell, but I think I'm going to have to save them for this weekend. I'm holding The Boy in one arm and typing one-handed is just too damn slow.

Currently reading: "Stiff." I guess this book is supposed to show us how important cadavers are to scientific research, but honestly, aside from organ donation, it's really making me not want to donate my body to science, especially if they're just going to crash cars into me or hurl blunt projectiles at my putrefying form. It also brings back bad memories from Gross Anatomy lab in med school, after the weather started getting warmer and the flies started gathering. Guh.

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