Tuesday, October 18, 2005

please sir, may i have some more?

On my way home yesterday, I stopped by the wards upstairs to go pre-op some patients I was going to be working with today. Since I was on my way home, I already had all my street clothes on over my scrubs, as well as all my bags and gear. There was my giant orange L. L. Bean backpack, packed with that monster of a breast pump and all the necessary acoutrement, along with my little blue lunchbox/cooler, which I clutched in one hand. Also, I didn't really notice this until later, but my sweater (which I must say was a very nice sweater--was) had somehow acquired a giant raggedy moth hole since last winter, right over the stomach.

Which is why it's no wonder that the nursing staff on the wards kept asking me who I was and scanning me for ID. I looked like a homeless seventh grader.

Currently wishing: That I was still asleep.

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