Sunday, January 15, 2006

we've got friends in warm places

I guess if you have a good call, sooner or later you will have a very bad call. It's, like, the universe's way of evening things out. Stupid universe. But enough about that.

So, after weighing all our options, we decided that we're going to spend a weekend at the end of March in Tampa, Florida, staying at the home of Joe's old college wrestling buddy. (Greco-Roman wrestling, not the kind involving folding chairs to the back of the head.) What is Tampa? Where is Tampa? I don't much know, but this much is true: it will be warm. As an added bonus, Joe's friend and his wife have a baby girl almost exactly Cal's age--I think she was literally born two days before he was--which insures two very important things: there will be emergency diapers on hand in case our stash runs out, and a Pack 'n' Play already on site. Plus, since we're only going for two and a half days (so as to maintain sanity and not overstay our welcome), we'll still have plenty of time to enjoy city family activities as many of you have suggested, like going to the park and the museum and, I don't know, starting Cal's SAT prep course.

Speaking of Cal (see how I say that, like I don't talk about him CONSTANTLY already) we started him on solid foods a few weeks ago with predictably messy but fun results.

We weren't planning on starting solids until 6 months, thus adhering to the AAP recommendations on infant feedings, but I changed my mind when I noticed Cal was starting to reach for our food and make little chewing motions while intently watching us eat. And then I figured, screw you, AAP! I espouse your teachings, but what have you done for me lately? I mean, aside from sending me e-mails all the time since I somehow got on your regional mailing list and can't get myself off, despite the fact that I'm no longer a Pediatrics resident. (I also get a constant barrage of e-mailed Pediatrics job opportunities. "PRACTICE POSITION AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY IN ARIZONA!" Uh, yes, sign me up, sirs.

Also, one other thing that happened a while ago but I haven't mentioned here is that Cal has teeth now. He literally got his two front teeth for Christmas, in fact. (Look closely--they're the bottom two.)

They are exciting. And sharp. That I can confirm from personal experience.

Currently reading: "The Great Influenza," a non-fiction book about the influenza epidemic of 1918. A little light reading to scare you shitless, especially if you happen to work in a hospital. You know, with the sick people.

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