Wednesday, April 05, 2006

code red, day one

Thanks for all the comments, people. It's the end of Code Red Day 1 and we're all doing OK. Cal had a nice day with his grandparents (who were babysitting in shifts so that they could go to the office and see patients throughout the day) and Joe and I have yet to manifest any EKG changes or bump our troponins. We're making good headway digging our way out of crisis mode too, having a couple of leads for both short-term and long-term options. What we're probably looking to do right now is create some sort of a patchwork childcare thing just to give us a chance to get our heads on straight and evaluate where we stand before committing to another long-term relationship with a nanny. As after all bad situations, we have certainly learned our lesson, and the last thing we want to do now is jump into another bad situation out of desperation. We have options, we have people lined up, which gives us a little room to breathe. What this probably means, though, is that Cal will have something of a rotating cadre of childcare for at least the next few day--but that's fine. He's adaptable. Babies always are.

With all the stress of these past few days, all the support and advice and offers to help from all you guys out there have been invaluable. It's just such a good feeling for Joe and I to know that even though at times we felt that we were in an impossible bind, that there were so many nice people out there rooting for us. So thank you all. If any of you were ever patients at my hospital and I were doing your anesthesia, I would give you the good stuff. Top shelf. You know, not the cheap meds that I give everyone else.