Monday, April 24, 2006

poor man's anesthesia

So all the neurosurgeons in the universe (including intergalactic neurosurgeons) are off at some big neurosurg conference somewhere. San Francisco, I think. You know, the city where "Full House" was set. In fact, I'm fairly sure that all the neurosurg residents are riding on some cable car and running over the top of a hill as we speak.

I'm supposed to be rotating through neurosurgery this month, but since there's no one actually around to operate, yesterday was a little less than busy. Which was a nice change. I actually got to do some studying for once. Since I had all this free time, I decided I should study something that I would never, ever read otherwise, under any circumstances--so I decided to read the chapter about the anesthesia machine, like how the flowmeters and vaporizers work and where the popoff valves are and such. I had good intentions. But then I fell asleep. Anesthesia indeed.

Maybe I should just save my medications and give my patients my textbook to read. Or, just hit them over the head with it. Would probably work equally well.

Currently reading: About closed circuit anesthezzzzzz....