Monday, April 10, 2006

post-call post

So I started looking on the Urban Baby message board for nanny postings, and have been reminded of one important thing--the world of competitive mothering is a mean one. There is no shortage of people to tell you that what they're doing is right and what you're doing is wrong, and also, by the way, you're a dirty pirate skank whore. This page scares me. Also, I didn't see any good nanny postings, though some of the nanny horror stories scared the bejeesus out of me. Now, just something else to add to my list: no nannies that will let your kid wander barefoot and ignored across a busy intersection while mewling piteously in abandonment and eating crystal meth particles off the sidewalk.

People have suggested that I look at the ads run by the employers rather than the nannies themselves (implying that the employers think highly enough of the nanny to go this extra mile to help them find a new job), and I've certainly been looking at these postings a little harder--but I have to say, some of these ads kind of make me suspicious. How do you know that the employer is actually posting them? Because sometimes when I see an ad that is run in all caps, screaming "PLEASE HIRE MY EXCELENT NANNY SHE TAKE GOOD CARE OFF MY KIDS (THERE TWINS) BUT WE ARE MOVEING AWAY" I kind of wonder. Not that I have such impeccable spelling and grammar myself, mind you, but you know.

OK, enough about this.

* * *

Joe and Cal came to visit me at the hospital yesterday while I was on call. It was kind of weird to see Cal there--that kind of disconcerting feeling you get when you see people out of context, like when you have your boss over for dinner, or see your 5th grade teacher at the supermarket buying beer--but it was fun to have them around for a while. We all had dinner together, and then I had to get back to work. I thought I might get all maudlin when they left, but I actually didn't. I was proud of myself. There's no crying in baseball.

Currently reading: "Ice Haven," the new Daniel Clowes book. Actually, is it even new? I haven't really been paying attention.


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