Wednesday, May 03, 2006


The good thing about having a husband and a kid (aside from the tax implications) are that it's like having a big neon sign in your life that flashes and indicates THIS IS WHAT'S IMPORTANT, THIS IS WHAT MATTERS. I just got home close to 10pm from being on "short" call, after a long day at the hospital which was, like any other day, fraught with its own set of frustrations and annoyances. And my whole way home, I was just thinking, man, if only I'd said this, if only I'd done this, if only this had played out differently and it was making me absolutely crazy because last I checked, I didn't have a time machine. (Nor the one point twenty one gigawatts to power it.)

And then I came home and walked into the bedroom, where Cal and Joe were sleeping. They were both lying on their backs, snoring lightly in tandem, and Cal had his little hand resting on Joe's chest, as though to make sure that Joe wasn't going to go anywhere. And then all of a sudden all of the annoying stuff didn't matter so much anymore.

This is what's important. This is what matters.

Currently reading: "The Tenth Circle." This book is kind of bad. But I'm reading it anyway, so clearly I have no taste and you shouldn't listen to anything I say.