Wednesday, July 05, 2006

walk and roll

A couple of pictures from last weekend:

I tried to give Cal some naked time just to let his butt breathe. In the ten minutes he was diaperless, he peed three times and pooped once. Yes, on the floor. Cooper was like, "See? See? He does it too!" Thank god for hardwood floors.

* * *

Call last night was pretty quiet, though women started streaming in after the fireworks ended. I was up with a C-section until about 4am, after which point I managed to get a little sleep.

Arguably the best thing about working on L+D is that we're only two floors up from the Neonatal ICU, which means that when I pump at work, I can go to an actual lactation room with actual chairs and an actual lock on the door. Such luxury I have never known! I feel like a Hilton sister!

People are getting to the point where they're like, "You're STILL pumping?" but the thing is, there was never a natural break point where I thought, "OK, now's a good time to stop," so I just sort of kept going. And now that Cal's almost one, I feel like I have to at least finish out the one full year of breastfeeding, just to say that I did it AAP style, you know? I mean, breastfeed for eleven and a half months? That would be like dropping out of college with only one credit to go until graduation. Or something. Anyway, with the fancy pants pumping digs I have access to now, after eleven months of pumping in what is essentially a toilet stall, a few more weeks is no skin off my back.

Now the hard part is going to be figuring out how to wean him. Honestly, the thought has crossed my mind to just transition him to cow's milk during the day, but then continue allow him to nurse if he wants before bedtime. However, at that point, I don't really know if I'm doing it for him more or for me. One of my attendings told me that she ended up nursing one of her kids for two years, mostly (she realizes in retrospect) because she felt so guilty about working. I don't really have a grand plan here, so I'm just going to wait until his first birthday and then play it by ear. Our no-plan plan seems to have worked well enough so far.

Currently reading: "Survival in the Killing Fields." After reading that other book, I was interested in learning a little bit more, since I realized I knew absolutely nothing about that whole piece of history.