Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the foundling

So Joe's in Texas at this surgical dissection course. I think things are going OK for him there. I make fun because he's staying on the cheap at these "visiting officers quarters" on the army base where the course is taking place (why is the surgical course taking place at an army base, anyway?). I keep asking him how his barracks are, and whether or not he has to eat out of these little tin plates in the mess hall, but in actuality, the accomodations are probably pretty decent. And considering it only costs him $35 per night to stay there, probably very decent. Plus, there's almost definitely a Hooters nearby, in which case, alllll RIGHT! Tan pantyhose!

Our week at home started off with somewhat more difficulty, when our nanny called in sick early Monday morning. Actually, she didn't call in sick--I called her after a 15 minute grace period, at which point she told me that she wasn't feeling well and slept through her alarm. It was kind of short notice for me to really do anything but call in to work myself, but that's the kind of thing that I really, really can't afford to do more than once a year. (Actually, more than zero times a year would be more accurate, but whatever.) It was nice getting to spend the day with Cal, but much of the joy was crushed by the guilt of actually having to miss work to be with him. To add fuel to the flames, Cooper also decided yesterday to pee extravagantly on one of the couch cushions. To her credit, I think she was asleep when it happened (I think some female dogs are prone to some degree of post-spaying incontinence), but it was unpleasant nonetheless.

And now today I'm on call, which is the day that I've been dreading. Not so much for the call, but for the no-parent-at-home-for-27-hours aspect of the whole thing. I know Cal's going to be fine, but I'm also not going to pretend that he won't notice that both Joe and I are missing. If he were older, I would explain it to him, but he's not old. HE'S JUST A LITTLE BABY. OK, not so little, but still. Maybe they wouldn't mind me bringing him on call with me. I will wrap him in sterile blue towels and give him tongue blades to play with and let him help me extubate. And if he gets too feisty in there--I have drugs.

Hopefully I'll have a reasonably good call tonight, though. Cal has a pediatrician's appointment tomorrow morning, if I rush out the door tomorrow morning, get home, walk the dog, take a shower, get Cal's stuff together, and jump on the subway, we may be able to make it in time to sit in the waiting room reading Highlights for half an hour.

Currently reading: This article about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. She hasn't admitted she's running, but come on, you know she will. I have mixed feelings about this. We (as in the Democrats) need to get someone in the race who can actually WIN, and even though I like Hillary Clinton, a lot of people really, really hate her.