Friday, August 11, 2006

liver? i don't even know 'er!

I'm on call this Sunday. Now that I'm a BIG SECOND YEAR and CLEARLY instantly endowed with all the sagacity of the ages once July 1st rolled around, I even get a new title on call. Behold, before I was just a resident on call, but now when I work overnight, I am known as the "Assistant Team Captain," or, for all you acronym lovers out there, the ATC. (The third year on call is the TC, or "Team Captain," which, despite what it sounds like, has very little to do with sports.)

I've never taken ATC call before, so I'm not really sure what it entails, but I think the general idea is that they save you for the bigger cases and sicker patients. The holy grail over ATC call, though, is getting to "do a liver," which basically means doing the anesthesia for a liver transplant. There's always so much talk of "doing a liver" and who got to do a liver when and how many livers and is there going to be a liver tonight I think I smell a liver that I am now PETRIFIED of the idea of actually "doing a liver." They're sick! And bleedy! And infect-y! Gah! Livers! Don't die, yellow patient!

So part of me is scared that I might get called to "do a liver" when I'm on call overnight on Sunday. But then another part of me is hoping that there will be a liver and that I can just do one already, so at least I can't say anymore that I've never done a liver and I can stop being so nervous. Because then on all my subsequent ATC calls this year, I can just be like, "Oh, another liver? BRING IT, BITCHES." And that would be good for my morale.

* * *

I have to work on Sunday, but I am off from work tomorrow. We're going to take Cal to Central Park Zoo, and maybe have a little picnic lunch outside if the weather's nice. Wow, a whole day with the three of us all together, just like a normal family. Huzzah!

Currently reading: "This Much I Know Is True." So far OK, but it has the feel of a book that I'm going to lose interest in 1/3rd of the way through.