Monday, October 16, 2006

long-awaited picture update

Let's get that sad stuff off the top, shall we? Yes, I agree. With myself.

So Cal is getting very big. And also very cute. And very hairy. Well, on his head, anyway. See how it is long on top and everything? I had to trim it again just last weekend. He hates the snipping but then I just make Joe show him footage of Sesame Beginnings or various porn sites on the computer and he stays reasonably still. It is the only way to cut his hair without the use of volatile anesthetics. Also, please note his cool shoes. Validate my online shopping. They are different than his other cool shoes, but still very comfy and Euro, like oh la la, cherchez la femme. Or possibly like bowling shoes. Anyway, I wish they made them in my size.

So anyway, Joe's parents were in town this weekend, and we all went to the Children's Zoo. This is different from the Regular Zoo in that there are some animals that you can pet, as well as highly expensive pellets that you can purchase in order to lure the animals towards you. Cal found a way around this by feeding the animals leaves that he found on the ground, but we had to stop after one of the zoo staff told us that ingested leaves could make the animals sick and DIE. Which I sort of doubt, since the killer leaves were all over the floor in the fenced enclosure as well, where all the llamas and goats and things were munching on them freely, but whatever. My malpractice insurance does not extend to cover the zoo.

OK, this is just a question for people who know about goats. Yeah, you, goatherd. What are those hanging dealies on their neck? I thought from the cartoons that goats had little goatees, but this was like a two pronged flesh cord dangling from his throat, covered in fur. What is that thing?

At lunch, eating grapes. This requires a great deal of concentration, apparently. (Don't worry, the grapes are cut into quarters.)

After lunch we went to FAO Schwarz. "What do you think are the chances that we go into this toy store and leave without buying something?" I asked Joe.

"Oh, probably zero."

Sure enough, within two minutes of walking in the door...

You know how you're not supposed to go food shopping when you're hungry? Well, the same holds for going to a toy store with your kid after working on the pediatric oncology service for a week. YOU WILL BUY HIM ANYTHING. Especially if that anything is a giant gorilla, because man, I'm not made of stone.

Ten minutes later...

Half an hour after that...

Oh, like you could have resisted that.

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"Big Blue." Anesthesia board prep stuff. It would be about half as long if not for all the war quotes and battle analogies.