Sunday, April 29, 2007

30 posts in 30 days, day 26: refresher

I got an e-mail from the education office a few weeks ago alerting me that my BLS and ACLS certification was set to expire in June. So tomorrow I have to take a refresher class from 4pm-10pm to keep my paperwork current.

I've heard that the recert class is relatively painless (for example, lasting only 6 hours as opposed to 3 full day courses for the original certification--can someone please explain to me why BLS training should require a full day? Though actually, now that I think back on it, we had to take a BLS class in high school, and that course lasted a whole semester) and I know that it's the law that I get recertified every two years...but still, I resent having to go at all. Because I would rather be home. In my house. Where I live.

Also, there's something ridiculous about spending all day intubating and giving life support to humans, only to spend the entire afternoon and evening "learning" how to intubate and resuscitate a plastic dummy with no legs.

Currently reading: "Different Seasons." Did you realize that of the four short stories in this book, three have been made into movies, two of which were actually very good? Unfortunately, the movie version of "Apt Pupil" starred David Schwimmer (WITH A MOUSTACHE!), which almost precludes the possibility that it could be watchable.