Saturday, May 05, 2007

the balcony project, phase 1

We went to the farmer's market at Union Square this morning looking for some plants to gussy up he balcony this morning. I guess everyone else had the same idea, because it was a madhouse down there.

The quality and variety of the plants down there was really quite good. I had originally planned to go to the plant district over on 28th and 6th, but I have to say, the selection here was much, much better. Plus they had a large selection of herbs, which is Joe's mom's pet project for us.

My only regret is that, unlike Ganesh, I only have two arms. The will was there, but the flesh was weak. Limited by our lack of ability to truck all this stuff home, I was only able to get the herbs and the flowers for our border planters, but not anything for the big pots near the ends. At first I made a valient effort to carry all of our pallets while Joe's mom pushed the stroller, but after a few blocks, I decided that it would be better to hail a cab than to blow whatever aneurysms are lurking in my head. So I had Joe's mom ride home with the plants, and Cal and I walked the rest of the way home. After Thanksgiving, I don't really like to ride in cabs with Cal unless absolutely necessary. Those cabbies drive like 10,000 maniacs.

So this was our haul. I decided to go with marigolds again because as was proved to me last year, they are damn near impossible to kill. Even if you don't water them for a couple of days in the middle of August. What? What? Why are you looking at me like that?

We still have some cleaning up to do, though. Right now the balcony looks like it should have a couple of broken refrigerators and cars propped up on cinderblocks to complete the look. But that's for tomorrow. We will clean and pull out all the dead things and put in the live things and it will be gorgeous, I say, GORGEOUS. And HERBAL. More pictures forthcoming, of course.

Currently watching: Spiderman 3. Grandma in town means babysitting availability, so Joe and I are heading to the 6:00pm show. We haven't been to the movies in a long-ass time. In fact, I think we've only been to the movies two other times in the past two years. The previous two movies were "X-Men 3" and "The 40 Year-Old Virgin." We are lowbrow.