Tuesday, May 22, 2007

overheard in a clinic waiting room

You know, I like Dr. [censored].

Yeah? How so?

He's just a regular guy, like me. He's not real smart and stuff. And he always seems kind of
stressed out and a little messy. You know, a regular guy, just like me.

I'm not sure that on my list of qualities I'd want for a surgeon,
"not real smart," "stressed out," and "messy" would top the list.

Currently watching: "The Queen." I tried to get Joe to watch this with me on Pay Per View while we were on vacation, but it was a hard sell, because 1.) British accents, which to him means it's a movie wherein people sit around drinking tea all the time 2.) It's about feelings 3.) No superheros. (We ended up watching Batman Begins instead.) But I just found out that they have movies on iTunes now, which is GREAT, because the only time I get a chance to watch movies or TV is on my iPod on the subway during my commute home. Anyway, it was good. And there was some tea-drinking, but I like tea too.